The Cabin, Natalie Martin, 2014 ©

Ella, Last Light of Day, Natalie Martin, 2013,©

What I am up to…..

The image of Ella, Last Light of Day was shot on 5x4 film and hand printed in the colour darkroom.

Dans Dolls, Natalie Martin, 2013,©

What happens if I ignore the rules?

Hunting Dust and Sun stems from the urge to do things wrong photographically, a slight antidote from my usual mantra. As I continue into more technical approaches for my serious photographic practice, I feel the need to also explore with my spontaneous point and shoot camera, the beauty of wrong photograhpic methodology. This thought stems from a Nikon Coolpix (awful camera…..allegedly ) covered in tissue dust at the bottom of my bag, coupled up with shooting directly towards the sun.  

Hunting Dust and Sun, ll, Natalie Martin, 2013,©

Hunting Dust and Sun, Natalie Martin, 2013,©

6 am, Broken Sleep, Natalie Martin, 2013,©

Above, Long Dog Walk, Natalie Martin, 2013,©

Long Dog Walk, II, Natalie Martin, 2013,©

Close to Home, Natalie Martin, 2013,©

Ella, Natalie Martin, 2013,©

what I am up to…..

Having won the UCS Photo Development I am busy with the continuation of my photographic series “The Republic of Heaven”.

I have been shooting on medium format film and hand printing 20 x 24 inch colour c type prints, during the bleak winter months, recording the lives of the children and dogs that live on the travellers site at Carters Meadow in Suffolk. The work in progress will culminate in an exhibition of the series.

In addition the image of Ella is part of a body of work that observes and documents the onset of adult hood and seeks to explore the stillness of this transition.

9 a.m Dog Walk, Natalie Martin, 2013,©

9 a.m.Dog Walk, Natalie Martin, 2013,©